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Sunday, June 19th, 2011

This year’s festival show in Breasclete is a fabulous two part concert featuring The Coal Porters and Rua MacMillan

The Coal Porters

The Coal Porters

The Coal Porters

The world’s first “alt bluegrass” act, The Coal Porters story begins when native Kentuckian writer/author/broadcaster Sid Griffin moved to London and hooked up with Scottish stand up comedian Neil Robert Herd. The duo started out playing electric, but as a result of a crazy dare, The Coal Porters decided to play acoustic bluegrass versions of their material at a charity concert in London. This drove the crowd wild, demanding multiple encores, and the Coal Porters had found their true calling.

In April 2009 The Coal Porters laid down the tracks to their album Durango, recorded in two weeks in the Colorado mountains at the Kozy Tone Studio of legendary producer Ed Stasium.

Griffin and Herd are joined by banjoist John Breese, ace fiddler Carly Frey and bass player by night, attorney by day Andrew Stafford. Now the Coal Porters are ready to take on the world.  


Rua Macmillan

Originally from Nairn, in the Scottish Highlands, this fiddler has quickly made a name for himself in the world of Scottish traditional music. Having graduated with a B.A. (Honours) in Scottish Music from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 2008, he has already toured extensively throughout Europe and the U.S.

In 2009, Rua was awarded the prestigious title of BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year.  The following summer he performed at Cambridge Folk Festival.

His debut album ‘Tyro’ was released on the Greentrax label in May 2010.  Rua performs in a trio with Tia Files (from Bodega) on guitar and Adam Brown on bodhran.


Breasclete Hall, Lewis

Wednesday, 13th July 2011, 8pm

 For tickets visit

£10, £7 concession, under 14s £3, under 5s free.


Sunday, June 19th, 2011

The Association hold a meeting on the first Wednesday of each month at 8pm in the Comminuty Centre.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

JULY 2011

The Association flag was returned to Vital Signs.  The Association logo should appear on both sides of the flag. Flagpole: the Association will get back to Ivor Murray or find another supplier.

It was decided to leave the logo until after the wedding season

The floor covering for ABC room.  Received email from McGillvary’s they have the material in stock. Cathie Ann (Secretary) to reply. Once we have the funds we will contact McGillvarys. 

The SRDP Claim is still outstanding.  The Treasurer applied for a credit card for Association use. This is being processed.  

It was suggested that the Committee should look at restricting the number of weddings to a maximum of four per year. 

The Gym is completed.  Members will be given a Fob. The Association is looking at training a number of members for inductions. If any members of the gym have already been inducted at the Sports Centre in Stornoway they don’t need to attend another induction. 

The Licence applied for by the Association for showing DVDs is through.

A message of thanks from Dr Marshall for the gifts sent to her by the Association.

The Association received a thank you card from Calum Fraser for our donation for his exchange visit to Germany.

David and Mary Robinson sent a letter together with five copies of DVDs to Lesley of the wedding held in the hall on 27 May 2011. They said they were willing to do more weddings.

The Association has received a booklet from Scottish Fuels with their Terms and Conditions.  The Chairman will check Conditions 6, 8 and 10 of the booklet.

COSLA Dinner:  Chairman thanks everyone involved.  A special thanks to Joan Chisholm.  The evening was a huge success.  One hundred guests attended. The guests commented that it was the best buffet they had attended.  The Association received a letter from the Convener expressing his thanks to all the team.  The hall looked superb.  The delegates were impressed with the young people who helped at the Convention.   The Chairman suggested putting the letter into the Newsletter  so that the wider community should know.

The Croileagan had a meeting with Council, with a view that the Comhairle will run the Croileagan from October 2011.  Looking at arrangement with rent. Rent is about £600 at present. 

JUNE 2011


MAY 2011 


Applied for grant to CNAG.  Initial application for grant got lost.  Had to re-submit application.  Hopefully we will get funding.


Our application for funding from the 2014 Big Lottery Grant was unsuccessful. It was suggested that maybe we should re-apply for Grant!  The Bowling Club has some funds and maybe they could manage to cover the costs themselves.  If unable to cover costs the Chairman suggested informing the Association and maybe we can help.


Lesley to speak to David Nash to see if he can print logo on bar top.


The Chairman is having a meeting with Royal Bank of Scotland.  The Association has been charged another fee on Loan Agreement by the Royal Bank of Scotland.  The Chairman was under the assumption that if we applied for Loan Agreement once we wouldn’t have to re-apply.  Every single application costs a fee.  The application is only valid for three months.  The Chairman proposed to sign Agreement and enclose a covering letter.  This was seconded by Dodo Maclean. The Meeting agreed to pay this sum.

Angus Alex suggested  looking at banking with the local Credit Union for savings.  The Chairman said it was a good idea once the money comes in from SRDP.


Next wedding is on Friday 27 May. Approx 130 guests.  There are two weddings in July and one in August.  Events Committee will get more boxes for glasses.


Fee: It was suggested at the previous meeting that maybe we should look at charging fees on  individual usage of the gym. The Chairman thought it is unfair for someone to be charged on individual usage.  The meeting agreed a 50% concession for OAPs and 16-18 year olds.  It was also suggested that we should look at having family concessions or household concessions.  Northern Security will install security system.  Nessglaze will fit door and push bar next week.


The MPLC have informed us that we are due to pay a fee for showing films. This is for the usage of copyright for motion pictures.   It was thought  if no one pays to see the film that we did not need a licence.   It was decided to pay the licence fee.We have received a letter from Dolina Macleod, Comhairle Nan Eilean. 

The Comhairle have a delegation from COSLA coming to the island on 23 June 2011.  The Authority is hosting a Civic Dinner for the delegates and have asked the Association if we would be interested in taking this on. There will be 150 guests at the dinner.   The Events Committee will speak to Smart Cookies to see whether this is possible.  The meeting agreed to take on the challenge if the Cookies were in agreement.

There was an event in the hall on Friday 6th May 2011 on behalf of the Leanne Fund.  Lorna MacArthur, on behalf of the Fund, asked for a donation from the Association.  The Meeting agreed to waiver the hall fee and all bar profits for that night to go to the Leanne Fund.

APRIL 2011


Ivor Murray will fit flagpole on Monday.


We are waiting on money from the extension scheme prior to ordering chairs and carpet for Club Room. 


Issue ongoing.  We should receive a reply for 2014 Lottery Grant within the next three weeks.


Mr Maclean from CNES was over at the hall last week re Completion Certificate,  which we will need  before the release of funds from SRDP.


This project has been shelved until the summer holidays by the Council because of the asbestos situation and changes to funding.


It was suggested that maybe it would be preferable to have an electronic lock on the door leading up to the gym.  Various quotes were received and discussed.  It was agreed to go with  Northern Security price with the PC option at £1290 plus VAT.

Techno Gym service the equipment at Sports Centre, they can come over to Breasclete to service the gym equipment.

Membership: It was agreed that annual membership would be £20.00 and a review of individual usage be carried out.  Concession to be available for OAP’s.

Age limit to be 16.  It was also suggested that may be we should look at family membership and local B&Bs could pay membership fees so that their guests could have access to the gym.

Regarding public liability, members use the gym at their own risk.


Keys:- Elaine to do inventory of all key holders:- New keys, required for end door and internal master.

Thank you card from Shonnie and Anne Maclean re their wedding on Friday 25 February 2011.

MARCH 2011


Ongoing, hoping to be erected shortly.


Not to be purchased until all claim money received.


NHS Capital Grant bid was unsuccessful.


UBC are finished except for hanging the mirrors in the gym.  Kenny John has approached Tony Wade (Lewis Sports Centre) re induction to the gym.  Payment for gym to be finalised at next meeting.  Suggestions for an Open Day were discussed – nothing decided.


Balance of the BCA Account is just short of £9,000. The balance is subsidised by the Community Council until the money comes through from SRDP in May.  There is a reduction in the amount of funding that is available to us. (£5000 Council Sports Grant, Council £2700 outstanding, HIE £1400 in the process of going through). We are in the fortunate position that the Community Council are helping out. As year progresses we should be in a better position financially.

RMK Insurance asking for another £590 for building contents.  Kenny John has cancelled the insurance with RMK.  We are now insured with the Council for contents. Gordy Smith from Education will write to us to confirm.  Chairman suggested that we ask the Comhairle to transfer the ground on which the Community Centre stands into BCA ownership.  To be discussed at a future meeting.

Completion Certificate: Alistair Maclean from Council to come over to give us Completion Certificate.


Chairman expresses his thanks to everyone who was involved in helping at the wedding in February. 

The Events Committee will have a meeting at the end of the month to discuss plans for the next wedding on Friday 8 April 2011.

It has been decided that four weddings is the quota for 2012 other than local weddings.

In last month’s Minutes the dates for events in 2012 read wedding on 29 June 2012.  It should have read 22 June 2012.regularly as a reminder to keep the skip site clean.

Events Committee said that more boxes were needed for glasses. It was agreed to purchase these. Dollag asked if we could look at getting a kitchen preparation machine as we don’t have a machine that is suitable for preparation for the size of weddings.  The machine may cost about £1000. It was decided that if the donation of £500 from Cathie Mary Maciver could be used for this item (with her permission and Dollag to enquire) that we purchase this machine. The Association to enquire regarding the Ward money.


McGillverys are to lay the floor in coming week.  


The old canteen building has been gutted.  Thank you to everyone who helped  Alex Murray has possession through the Council  and they will start demolishing the building shortly. 

It was suggested that maybe it would be good idea to have an article in the Cuimnich magazine of different memories of the old canteen.


The Association received a letter of thanks and appreciation from Christina Macleod and Eileen Maclennan  for the Association’s donation to assist with their visit to Pendleton, South Carolina in March 2011.

The cost of the School trip to Edinburgh in May 2011 is £4463.80.  The Association asked how much of a donation they are looking for. They are planning on more fundraising.  Angus Alex asked if 10% would be sufficient.  If they get a grant from Bord Na Gaidhlaig it will cover a lot of the costs. The Chairman advised that once the money from the SRDP comes in the Association will have a better idea of what funds are available. It was agreed that the sum of £500 be given to the school trip.

Community Skip Hire Arrangement: The sum of £550 has been reduced by the Council to £100. It was suggested that maybe it should be kept in the newsletter regularly as a reminder to keep the skip site clean.

A cheque for the sum of £500 was donated to the Reading Room by Cathie Mary Maciver.  Which is greatly appreciated. A letter of thanks to be sent to Miss Maciver on behalf of the Association.


Mrs Macdonald asked for permission to display healthy eating notices in canteen, and this was agreed.

Costs of outfits for the Bowling Club.  Prawn or Dodo to check if Lottery Grant funding is available.

Complaints regarding fish farm items taking over the pier.  Chair suggested that this is more of a Community Council matter.

Gordon Paterson was approached regarding Association logo and he suggested that we use a graphic designer.




Could be ready in the next two weeks for installation.  Flags have been ordered from Vitalsigns.


NHS Capital Grant bid was unsuccessful – no funds available at present.


Mairi to talk to Mary Ann regarding quotes and options.


Booking and Entry Fees: Memberships cards.  It was suggested an annual fee of £5.00 for membership.  Dolina Monaghan said to look again at the annual membership fee regarding costs of maintaining gym equipment etc.

Lesley Macdonald suggested that due to health and safety issues when the gym is in use that more than one person should be in attendance.

More information is needed regarding the Booking System and the Health and Safety issues.

Donna to check how gyms in other community centres operate.  It was suggested that Kenny John would be asked to find out more information on installing a system in the gym.


The following 2011 dates to be noted-:

25th Feb – Wedding

12th March – Have Your Say Day

8th April – Wedding

27th May – Wedding

8th July – Wedding

13th July – Hebridean Celtic Festival

22nd July – Wedding

5th August – Wedding

28th October – Halloween Party

The following dates have also been booked for 2012:-

29th June – Wedding

27th September – Wedding

7th September – Wedding

28th September – Wedding

Quiz Night: The Committee congratulated the young folk of the community for an excellent night and all their hard work preparing for the quiz. This was seconded by Dolina Monaghan.


Committee to ask Belle Ann or Mary Ann if there is any improvement on ducting in the kitchen. The deadline for final submission to SRDP is 28 February 2011.


It is hoped to demolish the old canteen building before the end of March and to organise a skip when people are available.  Hopefully at the beginning of March. 


Note of thanks from Christine and John MacKechnie, 9 Breasclete, to the Association and everyone involved at the Senior Citizens dinner for all their hard work to make the event such an enjoyable occasion.

Letter from Mairi Reid on behalf of the Parent Council requesting the Association to consider a donation for the schools proposed educational excursion to Edinburgh in May 2011. Contribution to be considered by Association once costing has been finalised by the Parent Council.

Letter from Christina Macleod and Eileen Maclennan, pupils in the Nicolson Institute, requesting a contribution from the Association for the school’s exchange visit to Pendleton, South Carolina in March 2011: £100 each agreed.

Letter of invitation from BBC Trust.  The Trust is reviewing BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal as part of a cycle of reviews of all BBC services.  There is a meeting at the Clan Macquarrie Centre, Borve, Isle of Lewis at 7.00 to 7.15pm on Tuesday 8th February 2011 if anyone wishes to attend.


Thank you cards received from the following:-

Tigsy and Sharon  – Wedding.


Breasclete Bowling Club looking at purchasing 15 outfits for the team. The outfits will cost about £700.00 in total.  Dodo asked if the Association would look at contributing towards the cost of the outfits. Chris Stubbington will enquire about costs and bring back to next meeting.




The draft accounts for the year were presented and approved. The Treasurer wished to pass on her thanks to Lesley Macdonald for her help throughout the year and also thanks to Calum Macleod, CIB Services for his work with the accounts. The Chair wished to pay particular thanks to the Treasurer for her hard work throughout this financial year.


The Chairman presented his annual report.


As per Constitution rules all the current office bearers resigned and the following nominees were proposed and accepted:-

Chairman – Kenny J MacLennan

Vice Chairman – Caroline MacLennan

Secretary – Cathie Ann Smith

Bookings Clerk/Assistant Treasurer – Lesley Macdonald

Interim Treasurer – John Smith

Events Sub-Committee – Proposed and accepted membership as follows; Elizabeth Macarthur, Angus Alex Mackenzie, Angus Smith, Lesley Macdonald, Donna Morrison, Ancris Fraser, Robert Stubbington, Donna Smith, Maggie Smith, Sujatha Chisholm and Cathie Ann Smith

It was proposed that the existing Events Committee Members be re-elected having powers of co-option for other members as and when required. It was suggested that the events committee speak to the young group who were organizing the quiz night and look at the possibility of a wedding group and an events group.

It was agreed that more fundraising was needed and not to concentrate on only weddings.

The Chair wished to thank the Events Committee for their continual power of work this year.

Maintenance Group – Proposed and accepted membership as follows; Elaine Cousins; Joan Chisholm; Malcolm Mackay; Murdie Maciver; Angus Macarthur; Kenny Macdonald and Kenny MacLennan.

Renewables Committee – Angus Macarthur; Ian Maciver; Keith Murray; Angus Macleod; Kenny Maclennan and Kenny “Beag” MacLennan Kathleen MacDonald as an advisory position.


The election of Directors, Companies House were proposed and accepted as existing with the addition of Mairi Reid Croileagan Bhreascleit, Mairi Maclean, Parent Council and John Smith, Treasurer, BCA and the deletion on Anne Maciver, Secretary and Christina Smith, Treasurer.


The Development Plan, which was created in 2008 was updated.


HIE Community Account Management Initiative – at the recent Urras Tac Calanais annual general meeting, John Smith confirmed that his duties were very much restricted to people resident within the Callanish area and as such, the community council were unable to benefit from this appointment. However, he would be happy to assist with forms etc. when time permits.

School Closure Proposals – Eleven schools were approved for closure by the Education committee, with the full council meeting taking place on Thursday to finalise the numbers.


Western Isles Community Care Forum Carer’s newsletter, David Stewart MSP update, ASCC Annual National Ballot 2010, CNES Budget Consultation meeting, CNES Introduction of Electronic Agenda and Minutes, Disabled Persons’ Parking Places (Scotland) Act 2009 – clerk to confirm two bays in church carpark and two bays at community centre, but no need for the Comhairle to enforce these spaces as they are respected by the community as designated disabled bays.


Breasclete Shoreline – Jinty Morrison has taken fifty photos of the different items of rubbish along the shoreline from Stonefield to the outend of the village and it was agreed that a meeting be arranged to discuss the problem with the fish and mussel farm companies.

Transport to/from surgeries – Jinty raised the problem of people getting to and from the surgeries at Leurbost and Carloway, especially for those who do not have their own transport, due to the limited bus service and the lack of shelter at both locations. Clerk to check if any voluntary transport schemes are in place at Shawbost, Bernera or Lochs, plus the Red Cross in Stornoway.

Breasclete Community Association – Kenny MacLennan handed over a cheque, with grateful thanks on behalf of the association, to the chairman in full payment of the loan recently donated to cover the shortfall of funds whilst waiting on grant funding for the new extension to the community centre.


Sunday, June 19th, 2011
Cara and Anna Fraser

Cara and Anna Fraser


Cara and Anna Fraser and friends recently completed  a sponsored horse ride across the Pentland Road from Stornoway to Callanish.  They raised over £1200 which will be donated  to MPD Voice (Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity), a charity that leads the way in supporting people with rare blood cancers (MPDs), with accurate information and emotional support. They are funding research toward better treatments and one day a cure. Most importantly, they offer hope to those affected by MPDs.

The Leanne Fund 


Leanne Fund

Lorna MacArthur arranged a very successful night in the hall on Friday 6th May in aid of The Leanne Fund.  £1500 was raised for this worthwhile cause.  Well done to all those involved in the organisation and running of this event.

For further information on The Leanne Fund visit the website at


Sunday, June 19th, 2011

There are 6 weddings booked for 2011.  Our Smart Cookies will be making full use of our new kitchen.  If you would like to help at any of the weddings please contact a member of the committee.

If you would like to hold an event in the hall please contact Lesley on 621 429 or 621 214.

WEDDINGS 2011         

25th February
8th April
27th May
8th July
22nd July
5th August 

The weddings are hard work but are great fun.  They are an important source of income for the Community Centre.

Johnny and Anne - 25th February 2011

Johnny and Anne - 25th February 2011

Mairi and John - 8th April

Mairi and John - 8th April 2011

James and Jenny - 27th May 2011

James and Jenny - 27th May 2011


Monday, December 27th, 2010

Christmas! A time of goodwill and celebration, often accompanied by seasonal increases in eating, drinking and spending. If all goes well this combination should result in a lot of fun, but it will also result in an estimated 3 million tonnes of waste.

Make a REAL difference this festive season, please remember to recycle all your plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars and cans by using your local recycling bank.  With a bit of thought you can limit the impact you have on the environment this Christmas and still have a great time.  Remember the 3 R’s!

Please remember that we still need your organic waste to feed the digester! Make good use of your organic bin, put all your food preparation scraps and leftovers in it.  Correct separation is vital.  The digester  produces around 1500 tonnes of compost each year, which the Comhairle uses instead of more valuable topsoil in landfill restoration and other projects.

The anaerobic digester at Creed Park is fully operational, producing a significant amount of electricity each year.  From July 2009 to June 2010, it produced nearly 400,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. This is enough electricity to run a standard 1-bar heater for over 45 years or light 100 x 15W low energy bulbs for over 30 years!

Send e-cards
Avoid over packaged goods
Hire party accessories
Compost your green waste
Buy gift vouchers


recycle CHRISTMAS CARDS—put  in your nearest  recycling paper bank, or your organic bin
RECYCLE CHRISTMAS TREES—at Creed park recycling centre or chop it up to fit in your organic bin
RECYCLING CANS AND GLASS BOTTLES & JARS—in your nearest recycle bank
RECYCLE PACKAGING—in your nearest recycle bank 

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar provide a community skip for your area for the disposal of bulky household waste such as items of furniture, carpets, cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, DIY waste and garden waste. Under no circumstances should this skip be used for disposal of fridges, freezers, oils, batteries, asbestos material, animal carcases and offal waste. If the skip is full, please do not over fill the skip. The Comhairle will not be able to remove the skip if it has been overfilled. There should be no waste left out with the skip, as this will be treated as fly tipping. 

The Comhairle offer a free Community Fence Wire Clean-up Skip on request We would encourage communities to use this service for the disposal of fence wire to save space in Community Skips. We request that fence posts are separated from fence wire and that all rolls of fence wire are flattened as much as possible. If you are interested in applying for a Fence Wire Clean-up Skip or have any questions regarding waste disposal and recycling then please contact Waste Aware on 70 99 00 or e-mail